Podcasts that inspire me to write #1/4

person in white dress shirt sitting beside brown wooden table with white ceramic mug and black

In a previous post, I talked about the joys of learning through listening to audio books and podcasts. And how it's a match made in heaven when you combine them with conventional reading. Of course, the joy is ultimately in the learning, no matter the medium of input. For it's in the learning that one's … Continue reading Podcasts that inspire me to write #1/4

My Monday Metrical Musings #12

Rocking Chair Photo by Mohammad Sanaei on Pexels.com There he sitsIn his father's old rocking chairBobbing back and forthBack and forthBack and forth. It takes him backTo happier timesOr maybe they were justInnocent times?When the world seemed easyAnd when 'gay' meant 'happy'. "I feel your pain, son"His dad once told himBut he didn't reallyThough the … Continue reading My Monday Metrical Musings #12